Corporate Benefits

All Access Memberships:

5 or more employees    $115/month/employee

10 or more employees  $105/month/employee

Custom Options may be available for larger groups.

Training Memberships:

Group of 4 to 8 employees  $225/month/employee for 1st month of training - includes complimentary trial membership & up to 8 small group sessions. 

Ongoing small group training $265/month/employee for up to 8 sessions per month.



  • All Access Corporate memberships have the built in flexibility of a month-to-month agreement (regularly $200/month) with unlimited gym use and access to 55+ classes per week PLUS member discounts on small group training, personal training, Pilates, and massage.
  • Corporate Training memberships include up to 2 small group training sessions per week for 4 weeks. Initial month includes complimentary all access membership. Ongoing includes only training.
  • Company pay or partial pay, company reimbursement, or employee pay are all options.
  • BB can provide check-in records, dues invoices as needed.

Additional Included Benefits:

  • BB has a variety of seminars and workshops that can be presented on site or at BB for employees free of charge. Topic samples: Why We Get Fat?, Gut Feeling: Gut health & your brain, The Cholesterol Myth, etc.
  • BB has corporate challenges for activity/weight loss and can run these for groups within your company or in a competition-like setting with other companies.
  • We also provide customized membership and training options based on your needs. Please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to offering the best corporate benefits package for you.



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